Our interior designers in Dubai collaborate with you to get a clear
understanding of your needs and requirements for the space, allowing them
to produce a comprehensive & detailed plan that gives you an overview of the
costs and time.


HYSSNA INTERNATIONAL LLC is leading interior designing and contracting company in UAE. Over three decades, HYSSNA has been providing quality service to our customers with excellent services and competitive rates.

We strive to make the entire process of interior designing as simple as possible by being attentive to our customer’s requirements and offering them a practical, budget friendly solutions to suit their needs.

For us, the design process is a collaborative, 

exploration of ideas that align with each client’s vision. From the words of our General Manager, Mr. Atef Abdul Aziz,
“HYSSNA caters to understand clients & addressing their needs.”

The value we add is not just restricted to the quality of work we present, but the insight we offer into the same ensures a smooth process from beginning to end.

At Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C., we have developed an in house capability to tackle every aspect of decor and design.

Hyssna, approaches you with a complete set of solutions for your turnkey projects, all under one roof. You are just a phone call away to discuss, design and execute your vision.


Vision without action is a daydream. action without vision is a nightmare.

Japenese Proverb



Change in DESIGN is a part & parcel of any business that intends to capture a society that has evolved & developed new tastes. Thus to ensure this our design team is updated with the new trends to that make sure we provide the best to our customers.
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Hyssna aspires to deliver a consistent relationship with our client and our main focus is to deliver the Project on Time and in Budget. To ensure that the project is delivered on time and within the budget of our client it is crucial to have a proper planning system for the entire process.
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Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C. provides a complete turnkey interior solution from A to Z. Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C. has a rich experience in the design & fit-out of office spaces. We have developed an expertise in optimizing space management through a collaborative procedure of creative design solutions
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What makes HYSSNA different is our commitment to go the extra mile in meeting all our customer requirements, be it choice, variety, specification and cost. Thus we offer a large variety of products to like Soft furnishing, carpets and High Quality Customizable Joinery
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We ensure that all safety and quality checks are done before we handover the site to our client. We believe to deliver nothing less than excellence and offer the best design solutions from consultation to the finished product.
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Our sophisticated, computerized manufacturing facilities produce the most innovative and unique
designs for a whole spectrum of clients. Being highly flexible in our services, we do everything from
loose furniture to complete joinery works.



Our team has a wealth of experience in commercial projects and banks, allowing us to deliver a quality interior, through consideration of the detailing requirement in the sector such as; security, privacy, VIP & excellency customers’ requirements, etc.
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We at Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C. understands that when it comes to designing government offices here in the United Arab Emirates, there is no way more poetic than to represent its firm endeavor for modernization while holding true to these very roots, by the incorporation of distinctive architectural designs.
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Hyssna International Interiors Design L.L.C. has a wide range of designs and finishes to get the job done. Ranging from the simple to the extravagant, Hyssna has it all. One of the major advantages that sets us apart from the rest, is our deep understanding & experience of the requirements to run restaurants & cafes.
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One of the biggest arenas for designers is residential design. Coordinating the interiors of homes is always a matter of careful balancing. Our residential designs aim to be comfortable, practical, affordable, yet aesthetically appealing.
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Retail Showrooms & Mall Outlets

When it comes to retail showrooms & mall outlets, the dynamic of the design process completely changes. We understand in order to ensure the success of our client’s business our work needs to speak out to attract their target market & customer.
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