At Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C., we have developed an in house capability to tackle every aspect of decor and design. Hyssna is a brand that stands for luxury, excellence and quality. Each project executed by Hyssna International consists of precise planning and coordination, and our biggest reward is customer satisfaction. Our strengths primarily lie within our solid engineering, planning and project management teams, who possess the ability to seamlessly execute extremely complex design within the time frame and budget assigned to them. What’s more, our supply chain includes skilled craftsmen from all over the world.



Change in DESIGN is a part & parcel of any business that intends to capture a society that has evolved & developed new tastes. Thus to ensure this our design team is updated with the new trends to that make sure we provide the best to our customers.

Our interior design team is well infused with a collaborative spirit that has helped each of us produce competitive solutions for our clients. Bolstered by the finest design resources, our team approach proves that the sum of the whole is indeed greater than its parts.

Whether you need a 2D layout, a 3D perspective, a 3D animation or anything related to interior design; you can be absolutely confident that Hyssna is the right business partner for you to help you meet all your needs and realize all your desires. We aim to provide all the design requirements to our clients to make the process of interior design smooth.


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.


Project Planning

Hyssna aspires to deliver a consistent relationship with our client and our main focus is to deliver the Project on Time and in Budget. To ensure that the project is delivered on time and within the budget of our client it is crucial to have a proper planning system for the entire process. Being part of the Team, we build a Contractual Construction Schedule using a Project Software (Primavera P6), whereby a comprehensive process has to take over and start with defining the Activities, Estimating Activity Resource and Estimating Activity Duration.

Continuous improvement is not about the things you do well – that’s work. Continuous improvement is about removing the things that get in the way of your work


Space Planning, Audits and Budget Analysis, Infrastructure Analysis are few of our many planning services that we offer to our clients.

Interior finishing is a matter of ‘sequence’. Schedule activity sequencing is to be planned under scrutiny for each and every area. This would be of course an iterative task for fit-out PLANNING TEAM. Our collaborative approach from concept to completion, ensures our team achieve aligned excellence and provide synergy across all departments and key areas of the process.



Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C. provides a complete turnkey interior solution from A to Z. We have a strong history of project managements of specializing in complete turnkey, fit out interior décor & design and this vast experience is what sets us apart in managing large scale projects consisting of a wide scope of works. Hyssna strive for global standards in quality. The work we deliver exhibits nothing but the highest level of excellence geared towards complete customer satisfaction. We are also an approved fit-out contractor by various Government authorities in UAE.
WE SPECIALIZE IN Corporate Offices, Small & Medium Enterprises, Retail Showrooms & Mall Outlets, Restaurants & Cafes, Government Offices, Bank & Corporate Offices, Hospitality & Entertainment, Residential, Refurbishment, Renovation and Alterations of sites. Hyssna International Interior Design L.L.C. has a rich experience in the design & fit-out of office spaces. We have developed an expertise in optimizing space management through a collaborative procedure of creative design solutions. We then manage the execution of this design with the assistance of an inhouse team of professionals in project management & technical specialists in all aspects of fit-out such as; civil, electro-mechanical & plumbing, joinery, data, furniture, floorings (carpets, tactile, raised) etc

Trading & Custom Furniture

What makes HYSSNA different is our commitment to go the extra mile in meeting all our customer requirements, be it choice, variety, specification and cost. Thus we offer a large variety of products to like Soft furnishing, Wooden and Decorative Floor finishes, Wall coverings, Carpets, Contractual Office System Furnishings, High Quality Customizable Joinery, Decorative Gypsum & CNC Works/ Upholstery.

Our comprehensive manufacturing unit also produces custom made furniture, cabinets, panels, wooden vanity units, ceilings, mirrors, wardrobes, counters, non-fire rated doors and decorative fitted joinery work along with complete stone, metal and upholstery details. We make to order so you have your joinery design always unique.


It is better to fail in originality, Than to succeed in imitation


Testing, Commission & Handing Over

Safety management is fundamental to the successful operation of our business and implementation is given the highest priority. We have an in-house Health & Safety Department whose sole task is to conduct site & case specific risk assessment & work method statements to guarantee a clean & safe work environment. Subsequently, we ensure routine safety checks to prevent any possible safety hazards from becoming realized. We ensure that all safety and quality checks are done before we handover the site to our client.

Handing over a completed project always results in mixed emotions. Site handovers often involve many moving pieces, and can elicit very different emotions and reactions based on how smoothly the site handover goes.

Site handovers introduce new complexity to a project, as the status quo and normal operations which have

been running smoothly (hopefully) for weeks, month or even years stop and a new normal takes its place. During the site handover process, many issues can arise, so it’s massively important that clients, contractors and other participating parties communicate effectively during this period in order to smooth the transition. Prior to the site area being handed over to the contractor, the Project Manager will arrange a handover meeting with the client to ensure all the clients requirements are met.